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12 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

So it's 2020 and you're still wondering whether you should invest in tempered glass screen protectors? Tempered glass screen protectors are by far the best type of screen protectors you'll find especially when compared to the likes of plastic. You could invest in plastic screen protectors yes. Besides they are even cheaper.

A word of advice here. Ignore those little voices. As good as those words sound, plastic screen protectors aren't your friend, tempered glass screen protectors are. You should consider investing in tempered glass screen protectors for reasons we will be sharing. More so if your device costs £700 or more, you must protect your phone's screen from any kind of screen shattering.
1) Offer great comfort
Comfort is one of the top reasons you should consider when buying screen protectors for your phone. The comfort should not hinder you from using your phone in whichever way. So, because tempered glass is made of "glass" it's more pleasant to touch compared to ordinary plastic giving you that comfort and satisfaction you desire. Such qualities will help you handle well, touch, and feel a smoother screen
2) Easy to install
When compared to other types of screen protectors, tempered glass screen protectors are so much easier to install. It's nothing more than a peel and place kind of situation. Before attempting to apply the screen protector, first ensure that you follow all the required steps on how to properly install tempered glass screen protectors. In case you make a mistake and apply them wrongly, they can be removed and placed again without losing adherence. Only a genuine screen protector can do this.
3) No bubbles formed
Bubbles do not look good on any screen because with them you won't be able to see let alone scroll properly. Tempered glass screen protectors don't form bubbles so easily because they have a thick layer of tempered glass. It's mostly the plastic protectors that are prone to forming air bubbles. They require more caution when being applied. With tempered glass screen protectors, you will notice that it's much easier to install with fewer chances of air bubbles forming.
4) Greater resistance
Tempered glass screen protectors aren't the same type of glass as the glasses in your kitchen or your coffee table. They are rather made of a material that is thinner than most types of glass. The thinness and tempering process makes the tempered glass stronger. This is why they can take in more pressure before they crack.
5) Anti-finger print-ability
Smudges and fingerprints that stick onto a phone screen don't look good. Luckily, most tempered glass screen protectors may come with a real anti-fingerprint coating which prevents grease from sticking, so this prevents a finger from forming.
6) Perfectly fit your phone screen
The right craftsmanship always gives you the best results and this is the case for tempered glass screen protectors. They are well cut in terms of design and they can fit every phone model/design fully covering it.
7) Blends in well with your phone
Aside from tempered glass screen protectors being able to fit your phone well, they play a huge role in blending in. You may be wondering how? Some people may choose not to invest in tempered glass screen protectors because they are probably afraid that it will cover the real phone screen hence distorting the appearance of their phone. The covering of the screen part is true but it's not true that tempered screen protectors distort your phone screen. The glass looks and feels the same as your original phone screen it's almost hard to tell the difference. That's another reason why you should invest in tempered glass screen protectors.
8) Higher quality
Tempered glass screen protectors are of a higher quality than other screen protectors. An original tempered glass screen protector will retain the clarity of your phone's display maintaining its originality.
9) 100% Transparent
Tempered glass screen protectors are highly protective but also highly transparent. When applied properly without it forming bubbles, tempered glass screen protectors don't mess with your screen's clarity. They work and appear just as well as your phone screen with the same appearance and touch sensitivity.
10) Touch Highly durable
In case you're worried about having to change screen protectors each other month, then you need to invest in tempered glass screen protectors. They can withstand blades, scissors, keys, and other hard or sharp objects above the scraping ground. If its high quality tempered glass, you'll find it difficult to draw on the glass membrane because it's hard glass. Tempered glass manufacturers achieve this by using aluminosilicate glass which provides the product with quality strength and durability.
11) Allows easy movement of fingers
If you want to prove the difference in touch when using tempered glass screen protectors, you need to first touch plastic screen protectors to be able to differentiate. When you touch the surface of tempered glass, it gives you a smooth delicate feeling while the rest just give off a not so smooth feeling. You may even move your fingers more easily than when you're touching your cell phone screen. Poor quality or cheap screen protectors are made of almost rough regular films. It's not smooth enough and gives some kind of sticky feeling when you slide your hands over it
12) Heat resistant
The tempered glass material can resist temperatures of up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit when your phone heats up. This tempered glass material is also commonly used in kitchen appliances and other areas like bathrooms and now your phone screens. It's a much safer material for your phone because of its ability to withstand high temperatures.
The above are the 12 reasons why you should invest in tempered glass screen protectors. It's for these same reasons that tempered glass screen protectors are slightly costly than most. With tempered glass screen protectors, you are guaranteed convenience and safety from your phone screen getting cracked, or spills getting onto the surface. We hope this information is helpful in assisting those who are wondering why they should use a Tempered Glass Protector over other protectors




In our case, the price is determined by the high quality of the product.
Currently, the markets are full of plenty of various protective glasses for iPhone. From the point of view of the engine of progress, this is wonderful. With the rational side of the issue, it is no longer so rosy. This is because manufacturers, in the hope of saving money, resort to cheaper production and this leads to a deterioration in the quality of the final product.



To understand the sequence, it is worth knowing the origins
There is a Mohs scale by which relative hardness is determined by scratching. The standard images for research are considered to be a series of ten minerals, which are arranged in order of increasing hardness. The sample for which the hardness is determined is alternately scratched by each of the minerals. When mechanical damage occurs, a value greater or less than the serial number of the reference sample is recorded. Therefore, 9H hardness corresponds to the alumina (Corundum) mineral, which is scratched by diamond - the last mineral of the scale.



In everyday life, glass makes sense.
Defects on the display occur for a variety of reasons - these are random strokes, shocks, falling onto a hard surface, and carrying a smartphone in one pocket with coins and keys. Glass is definitely stronger than film, it increases the chances of not breaking the IPhone display, for example, when dropped. 3D glass index 9H - a real find. Firstly, they mask various micro-scratches, scuffs, making the display "fresher", and secondly, due to their durability, they make it easy to worry less about the phone.



What is all this for?
Actually, this is how we came to the conclusion about the degree of hardness of the glass. Of course, this is an indispensable assistant in the era of expensive and fragile displays. Our products have a hardness of 9H. We have been moving towards this for a long time, applying various technologies and methods for tempering and processing glass. The result is a high-strength, sufficiently flexible and relatively thin glass. Different glass models for different iPhone models can be ordered from our catalog.

What kind of glass is there?

Informational article


Aesthetics and lightness
In general, we can agree with this statement. Thin glass has the same properties as other form factors, while they weigh significantly less, sometimes they may resemble a film. They also perform their main function - to protect. In our catalog, you can view the glass series Super-slim 0.21 mm.

In everyday life, thin glass is a nice addition to the iPhone, thanks to the processed edges, the product does not scratch your fingers and does not cause discomfort. Given the oleophobic coating, you can not worry about fatty prints.


The basic model for everyone
There is a gold standard, time-tested. This standard refers to a thickness of 0.3mm. Glass is slightly more noticeable than thin, but the degree of protection is also higher. Thickness allows you to damp upon impact, absorb more tension. At the same time, the glass remains as flexible, more impact resistant. Again, the oleophobic coating will make you enjoy using the iPhone, and the edges will not disappoint with their sharpness.


Only here
Recently, we introduced a new product for the iPhone X - Glass 2.75D. According to its characteristics, it repeats the 3D model, but is thinner at the same time. Advanced technologies are used in the manufacture of glass: tempering glass, oleophobic coating, rounded edges of the glass in a horizontal plane.

The hardness of the glass corresponds to the index 9H.

2.5D and 3D

For those who need maximum
Nowadays, 2.5D and 3D glass have become a fairly popular acquisition for the gadget. They differ in that they cover absolutely the entire iPhone display and thus provide maximum protection. Moreover, if the display itself has micro-scratches and they irritate themselves in the sun, then 3D glass can hide most of this defect, and thanks to the border in the color of the display, they literally refresh your gadget. Quality glasses of this type have a really high level of strength. At the same time, the adhesive layer is applied on absolutely all surfaces, and not just on the border, which gives maximum adherence to the display surface.
The 2.5D and 3D index is responsible for the level of roundness of the edges.
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