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All glasses have something in common
Smooth as onyx
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Harder than diamond

All products undergo a hardening and glass processing stage in order to make it as durable and durable as possible.

Index 9 H is the last in the measurement scale; only diamond is stronger than it.

High strength
Our laboratory for the creation of premium quality glass, every day improves the manufacturing technology.
Indeed, iLera glasses are quite durable; among our competitors, our glasses are in top positions and, in general, allow forgetting about the prospects of a broken display.
Say no to air

After installation of the protective glass, there is no air under it.
Due to the quality of the adhesive layer.

Adhesive layer
There is a wow-effect created by the right glass.
Not surprisingly, iLera glass can do this. Can and does, because two important factors are responsible for this: the geometry of the glass and its adhesive layer. With these parameters, any glass from different lines has unifying qualities.
Oleophobic coating

The glass is covered with an oleophobic layer. This means that moisture and fingerprints will not remain for long.

Best coating
Various methods of applying the oleophobic layer.
What is the oleophobic coating? This is a thin film deposited on a screen, consisting of: 0.1% - 10% alkylsilane, 0.01% to 10% silicone and solvent. Oleophobic coating is applied by vapor deposition.
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