iLera is not just protective glass
iLera is a like-minded club
People who are constantly on the move
Constantly developing physically and intellectually
Sports competitions, participation in intellectual games
quality rest in pleasant company
if it's about you
you can of course continue to move on your own or you can become part of our club

iLera takes an active part in the new format of the intellectual game - "Questions and Answers"
from Alexander Androsov.
This is the perfect combination of intelligence and noble mission.
You will pump your brains
Get a lot of positive emotions and most importantly - you are participating in a charity evening in support of our Armed Forces!
Just add to an open group in Telegram
"Questions and Answers" and follow the news)

Relax and iLera will take care of you and your iPhone screen. iLera always doesn't mind having a good time and helping you with that. We sponsor various parties so that you are always happy and relaxed
Still not part of the iLera-Club? Then we are already running to you! We support the sports movement in Ukraine and not only do everything for the health of our customers
iLera actively participates in the Odessa games of the intellectual club
And also invites you to take part and curiously pump your brains!
A sea of positive emotions is guaranteed
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