About us
TM iLera successfully sold on the market for many years and continues its development.
The main product is glass screen protectors for iPhone
iLera Glass is a trusted quality product!

Why you should choose us

More than 10 years of successful work in the market
Wide assortment with constant stock balances
Work with an exceptionally high-quality product
You can find us in Ukraine, Poland, USA, Russia.
Soon we will erase all the gray parts of the card - become part of the company and be the first dealer in your country!

We, with our team, help animal shelters in Odessa!
You can also help.

Let's help together!
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Phone: + 38 (073) 93-000-70
E-mail: sales@i-lera.com
Working hours: from 10:00 till 18:00

Odessa, Ukraine 2020
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Вы можете позвонить нам:
+ 38 (073) 9300070