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What is 9H?
Information article
In our case, the price is due to the high quality of the product.
Currently, the markets are full of a variety of different protective glasses for the iPhone. This is wonderful. From the rational side of the question, it is no longer so rosy. It is explained by the fact that manufacturers, hoping to save money, resort to cheaper production and this leads to deterioration in the quality of the final product.
Mohs scale
To understand the sequence, it is worth knowing the origins.
There is a Mohs scale, which determines the relative hardness by scratching. Standard samples for research are considered to be a series of ten minerals that are arranged in order of increasing of hardness. A sample for which hardness is determined is alternately scratched by each of the minerals. In the event of mechanical damage, the value is fixed greater or less than the serial number of the reference sample. Therefore, 9H hardness corresponds to the mineral of aluminum oxide (Corundum), which is scratched with diamond, the last mineral from the scale.
Why it is useful?
In everyday life, glass makes sense
Defects on the display occur for a variety of reasons - it is random strikes, and kicks and falling on a hard surface, carrying a smartphone in the same pocket with coins and keys. Glass is definitely stronger than the film; it increases the chances of not breaking the IPhone display, for example, when falling. 3D glass with index 9H - a real find. At first, they mask various micro-scratches, scuffs, making the display "fresh", and secondly, because of their durability, they give the ability to worry less about the phone.
What is it all for?
Actually, that's how we came to the conclusion about the degree of hardness of glass. Of course, this is an indispensable tool in the era of expensive and fragile displays. Our products have a degree of hardness - 9H. We have long gone to this, using various technologies and methods of hardening and glass processing. The result was a high strength, sufficiently flexible and relatively thin glass. Different models of glasses for different models of iPhone, can be ordered from our catalog.

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