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What kind of glasses are there?
Information article
Aesthetics and lightness
In general, one can agree with this statement. Thin glass has the same properties as other form factors, while they weigh much less, sometimes they can remind the film. They also perform their main function - protect. In our catalog, you can view the glass series Super-slim 0.21 mm.

In everyday life, thin glass is a nice addition to the iPhone, thanks to the finished edges; the product does not scratch the fingers and does not cause discomfort. Given the oleophobic coating, you may not worry about fatty prints.

The basic model for all
There is a time-tested gold standard. This standard is called 0.3mm of thickness. The glass is slightly more noticeable than thin, but the degree of protection is also higher. Thickness allows to absorb when struck, to absorb more pressure. At the same time, the glass remains as flexible as possible, more impact resistant. Again, the oleophobic coating will make you enjoy the use of the iPhone, and the edges will not disappoint with their sharpness.

Only we have it
Recently, we introduced a new product for the iPhone X – the 2.75D Glass. According to its characteristics, it reduplicates the 3D model, but at the same time it is thinner. In the manufacturing of glass there are advanced technologies used: hardening glass, oleophobic coating, rounded glass edges in the horizontal plane. The hardness of the glass corresponds to the index 9H.
2.5D and 3D
For those who need a maximum
In our time, 2.5D and 3D glass have become quite a popular acquisition to the gadget. They differ in that they cover absolutely the entire display of the iPhone and provide, thereby, maximum protection. Moreover, if the display itself has micro-scratches and they irritate themselves in the sun, then 3D glass can hide most of these defects, and thanks to a frame in the color of the display, they will literally refresh your gadget. Quality glasses of this type have a really high level of durability. At the same time, the adhesive layer is applied on absolutely all surfaces, and not just on the border, which gives maximum adhesion to the display surface. Index 2.5D and 3D are corresponding for the level of roundness of the edges.
Back Glass
To protect innovation
There is a need to highlight the distinctive feature of the iPhone X - the glass back panel. According to Apple, this glass is super-durable, but none of us would like to have a crash test on our device to see for yourself.

We have been thinking for a long time how to provide our customers with maximum safety of the device and save the appearance. If the use of protective covers is not your option, we have a great solution. iLera 3D BackGlass. This protective glass, designed specifically for the back panel of the iPhone X, has a hardness of 9H and oleophobic coating.
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